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Best Flooring in Your Home Friendswood Texas

Wood flooring options today are wide and diverse allow you to choose the floor that will match your style and complement your family’s style.

 Wood floors are available in a variety of wood species styles, colors, and sizes, and are suitable for any house that ranges from rustic farmhouses to contemporary, sleek apartments.

There are many different wood flooring options available. Not all are made equal, however, they all have their own unique characteristics, so when selecting the best flooring suitable for the space you live in, you need to be aware of the distinct characteristics of the various wood flooring alternatives before you even begin looking.

Flooring Planks

Wood plank flooring has side grooves and tongues. It requires the use of a wood subfloor (or risers) to be installed.

In areas that are heavily used, Good wood options include oak, ash, and maple. 

Oak is a densely gritty wood that may not attract everyone, however, it has a variety of colors and is impervious to scratches and dents. Ash is among the most durable woods (baseball bats can be made of Ash) It is typically available in lighter shades. 

Similar to oak, ash features an extremely visible grain pattern, but is less so than oak. 

Maple is a different robust wood species with the most gentle grain pattern. This means that it’s a very smooth appearance. 

The toughness of maple makes it impervious to staining, and the flooring of maple is usually lighter colored.

For a more rustic style for a more rustic look, flooring made of pine is a favorite choice. 

But, it is a very soft and brittle wood and is, therefore, more prone to dents. Some homeowners consider adding an aged look to the wooden. 

If you want a more rustic appearance but require more toughness than pine then hickory could be an excellent choice. It has a natural “country” appearance, however, it’s more durable to crack than pine.

Bamboo is another popular flooring option and is one of the most popular choices for those looking for eco-friendly flooring options. Bamboo is extremely durable and suited to areas with high traffic and is available in a range of colors selections. 

Due to its natural look bamboo is a natural choice to go perfectly in modern interiors.

Engineered Flooring

The flooring made of engineered wood was initially created as an alternative for flooring made of wood that could be affixed to a concrete subfloor. 

Flooring strips are built with an initial base from layers of plywood and then the wood veneer layer. 

It is a very popular flooring option that is ideal in any space in which traditional plank flooring could be installed. 

Engineered flooring offers distinct advantages. For one, it is designed to resist moisture more effectively than traditional wood and is generally more affordable. 

It is available in a variety of wood species, you are likely to find the appearance you desire in engineered flooring. 

If the flooring is finished with an upper veneer that is at least 2 millimeters thick it can be sanded, refinished, and polished repeatedly and is not just robust, but also durable.

Flooring Source, located in Friendswood, Texas, carries an extensive selection of hardwood flooring that ranges from hardwood floors that are hand-scraped as well as exotic wood species. Floor Source’s installers are professionally educated, and all installations are covered by an installation guarantee for life.